DDAA Endorsements

The Deputy District Attorneys Association will consider requests for endorsements from candidates in conjunction and consultation with San Diegans Against Crime, our political action committee.

We support candidates for public office who are committed to public safety and committed to the public servants who serve and protect the public every day.  We deliberate carefully before making an endorsement.

Date Candidate Position
2018 Summer Stephan San Diego County District Attorney
2016 Robert Hickey San Diego City Attorney
2016 Dianne Jacob Board of Supervisors – District 2
2016 Greg Cox Board of Supervisors – District 1
2016 Judge James A. Mangione Judicial Office #25
2016 Judge Keri G. Katz Judicial Office #38
2014 Bonnie Dumanis San Diego County District Attorney
2014 Judge Ronald S. Prager Judicial Office #9
2014 Judge Michael J. Popkins Judicial Office #19
2014 Brad A. Weinreb Judicial Office #25
2014 Judge Jacqueline M. Stern Judicial Office #44
2014 Dan McAllister Treasurer-Tax Collector 
2014 Ron Roberts Board of Supervisors – District 4
2014 Bill Horn Board of Supervisors – District 5
2012 Greg Cox Board of Supervisors – District 1
2012 Dianne Jacob Board of Supervisors – District 2
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