The Pursuit
of Truth …

… The Protection of the Innocent …

… Seeking Justice for All


We are the San Diego Deputy District Attorneys Association, and We Work …

“For the People”

There are over 3 million people in San Diego County, any one of whom can be a victim of crime at any time.    On the street; in a business; in their car; or in their home.   After the police make an arrest, the case comes to the Office of the District Attorney.

And every day one of us, the Deputy District Attorneys of San Diego County, utter the words “For the People“, and then we seek justice in the Superior Court of the State of California.

Justice for any one of the victims; justice for the living; justice for the dead; justice for the innocent; justice for the guilty; justice for all.

Most of our work is simply hard and constant and unsung. We are just there everyday in court, seeking justice, fighting to protect the public, trying to “Do the Right Thing.”

Announcing to all what we are, when we say who we are:

“For the People.” 



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